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7:37 am - 24 July 2006
back from le france

back to work today. yesterday i got back from the most relaxingest week i've had since i cut my finger off - a week in the south of france with my bestest friends, dividing time between the beach, bars & restaurants, and sleeping. i needed the holiday really after the year i've had (so far). highlights included seeing the tour de france pass through, only to find out that O was wrong and it was just a race around the town we were staying in. i also learnt from O that we shouldn't hire a pedalboat because "they're dangerous and can kill people." cue much piss taking at his expense. we learnt a lot about pedalos though, such as

  • when they're circling to attack, all you can do is stop moving and wait for the inevitable
  • they can smell 1 particle of blood out of a BILLION from A MILE AWAY
  • their sight is based on movement, so if you dont move they can't see you
These facts may or may not be made up.

i got 2 awards, the award for the best tan (my face) and the most sunburn (my legs) - this was despite spending all day friday constantly applying factor 40. i say constantly, i mean every hour or so. i also learnt that O's fluent french isn't actually fluent - espectially the night 3 of us ordered tartare au boeuf thinking it was beef something, only to discover the something - the tartare - basically meant raw. a lump of minced beef that sat on our plates and didnt move. i've decided that i need to get better at talking foreign, i've got a smattering of spanish (can order food and beer but not much else) but my french is non-existent. i'm going for hitalian, our christmas party is highly likely to be in rome this year.

OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH also i'm going to see Muse in november. wooyay. genuinely can't wait. got standing tickets as well because i was super duper fast.

and i am now PROPERLY saving to move out of the family estate. i'm 23 for god sake and i still live with mummy and daddy.

Treeson: back to work again

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